Hello everyone and welcome to my 147th analysis, this time featuring Griffin.
Griffin is the very definition of a glass cannon: very high damage output with extremely high Speed and almost non-existing Life. Aside from massive damage output, Griffin has some pretty hand tools in his arsensal, like an AOE Blind or a 0 CD single target Stun. Even though he has a lot of monsters that are beter than him in the Thunder element, there are few attackers in Winged who can stand up to Griffin's fast and high damage assault. Unfortunately for Griffin, his trait is very bad and both Arch Knight and Darkzgul are in the Winged book, who will outspeed Griffin if he's not ranked up, and General Nishant Speed ties with him.

-Lion Thunder
-Griffin Thunder
-Huge Peck/Massive Peck
-Stunning Pecks/Massive Peck
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Lion Thunder has below average Base Power, but its Blind is the useful thing here. Griffin Thunder has the golden 45 Base Power. Huge Peck has 0 CD, is unresisted and has 60 Base Power, but another alternative is Massive Peck, which is an upgrade in damage that will certainly kill anything without Life runes, but has 2 CD. Stunning Pecks is a 0 CD Stun, but Massive Peck can be used here if you want to keep Huge Peck just in case Timerion happens. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage output.

Teammates: Demise can use Strength From Beyond on him and he will wipe out all enemies with Griffin Thunder.

Countering Griffin: If you're faster, you almost automatically win against him since he has no deny immunities nor high Life. In the Thunder element this is easy, but it may come down to a Team Speed strategy or 2 Speed 1 Strength in the Winged book if he is ranked up.