This idea comes from my time playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). In that game there were times when some corporation would sponsor a new character. The same could be done here. Maybe it has been done in the distant past. If so, it was before my time. In SWGOH, I am not sure it was a good idea, because it was always hardware based. I lucked out, because I had an Android ellipsis and twice if you were on Android you essentially got a free character\monster that you had to do a little bit of fighting to get.

In this game I could see where it could just be another Monsterwood variation, but in this case all of the videos would be from the sponsoring company. What about a cell dungeon where you actually get the whole monster at the end? It doesn't have to a super monster, but it probably should be new, so the collectors will want it. Every node in addition to a fight has a video from the company that has to be watched to advance?

Maybe someone on the forum works for a company that might appeal to our membership. Personally most of my videos are for other games, Final Fantasy seems to be featuring rather prominently. Icould see where maybe some other game company might welcome the opportunity to reach the ML community.