How good it will be to have an ancient book in the library.
Below are some of the monsters that can fit in this book and i even wrote their description to confirm that.

1.Megaosteum Thousands of years ago, the very dangerous Megaosteum was killed and buried under tons of sand. The cavemen were hoping that that would be the end of him, but now he’s back in fossil form and more ferocious than ever.

2.Discobolus This statue was unearthed at an ancient stadium in Olympia. They decided to put it in a museum, but after just one night there, the statue came to life and broke out! If you are to master Discobolus, don't try to lock him up!

3.Qin Qin remained loyal to his duty of protecting the grave of the first Emperor of China for centuries; but finally this terracotta warrior has been freed to fight again... And he is thirsty for war.

4.Obsidiane Obsidiane was born thousands of years ago in the inside of a dune in the Middle East. From that moment until today, she has made it her job to find evildoers and bury them in sand.

5.Monky This monk is one of the most ancient inhabitants of Mount Annapurna. He has lived there in recluse for centuries but he comes out to defend his home. He may not go into many battles but he has all the skills he needs to always win.

8.Totem - Ancient spirit
9.Timerion - First Artifact

From Epics: Primigenius,Pandaxplorer,Gold ra,Neandertaler,