Most of the Evil Legions are attackers, so there really aren't that many deniers in this book. Makes this post a little easier!

0_1502648384493_Evil Legions.jpg

In looking at deniers, the most important stat is speed. Here are the Evil Legions ranked by speed:

  1. Jabaline
  2. Krampus
  3. Pa'Lhax
  4. Zyla the Faithful
  5. General Nishant
  6. General Darmith, Scarr The Outcast, Harusami, Nishant's Pet, Nexor Cox
  7. Ultrabot, Fenrir
  8. Taiga, Yndra
  9. Draza, MMOnster, General Holter, Hydrok The Forgotten, Nox the Condemned
  10. ML-1 Yamato, Kaih the Eradicator
  11. Octex
  12. Minotaurus, Osteoclast, Roxen Cox
  13. Ra'Zhul
  14. Ralbog
  15. Nebotus
  16. Firelequin
  17. Goldfield, Lord Moltus, Sir Slumberly
  18. Holter's Pet
  19. The Ringer

Tier 1:
Toward the top of the speed charts is Nishant's Pet who is a great denier. It has an AoE possession skill and 2 single possession skills to choose from. While not denial based, another great skill gives enemies Debilitating Shadows, making them take an additional 80% damage from all dark sources. Unlike many other Generals and their pets, it's immune to possession itself. So long as the enemy isn't immune to possession, Nishant's Pet will keep the enemy attacking itself.

For the longest time, Krampus was my go-to denier. He's wicked fast (one of the fastest in the game) and has an ability to freeze the entire enemy team and another to freeze a single enemy. Then he has skills that poison and/or burn while giving that target 2 random negative effects. These increase the possibility of more denials or just more damage.

Tier 2:
Nexor Cox is a denier/supporter in my opinion. He has an ability to stun the whole enemy team, but that's it for denials. Another ability gives shock to its target, meaning it will always get hit (with damage and status effects, discounting immunities) and gets negative healing. The rest of his abilities focus of daze and damage reduction. His hardened trait is excellent in any situation.

Harusami also isn't a pure denier. Like Nexor, he can stun the whole enemy team, but the rest of his skills focus on damage, bleed, and life steal. He's also one of the only dark monsters with immunity to stun.

Normally, I list out the other monsters and briefly suggest how they are best used (attacker, supporter, etc.). But look, there's 30 of them. I'll be covering most of them in the Best Attackers: Evil Legions post (when it's up). Think I'm overlooking anyone? Let me know!