Hello everyone and welcome to my 148th analysis, this time featuring Famperium.
Famperium is an excellent Water attacker thanks to his access to Dark attacks and good Speed and Strength stats. His AOEs are also powerful and apply useful effects, plus one of his Dark attacks helps keep him alive, which is a very great advantage in the Water element due to the usual preference of deniers on Defense by players, which tend to hit not very hardly. However, Famperium does have his own problems such as a lack of Freeze immunity and a Speed stat that's good at best and not very great.

-Needle Sting
-Splitting Sting
-Jiggling Energy
-Mystery's pet/Energy Bark
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Needle Sting has a great 60 Base Power, is Dark based and heals Famperium for 100% of the damage done. Splitting Sting has the golden 45 Base Power, is unresisted and applies Bleeding to all enemies hit. Jiggling Energy has 0 CD, 60 Base Power and it drains 40% of the target's Stamina in addition to restoring 20% of Famperium's. Lastly, Mystery's pet will not be used for the Possession, but rather the sheer amount of damage done by the attack which is enough to kill almost any non Life-runed monster of the same level. Energy Bark can be used instead as a secondary AOE that helps with Stamina control. 2 Speed 1 Strength maximizes damage output.

Teammates: Fenrir can use Rage of Fenrir on him to give him a free Triple Damage bonus for 3 turns, which will be more than enough to kill anything.

Countering Famperium: Deny him before he moves with means other than Stun: Mega Stun bypasses his Stun immunity. Hydratila the Boltcaster can one-shot him before he moves. You can Possess him to use his devastating attacks against his own team-Enypiast or Mystery can manage this.