Hello everyone and welcome to my 149th analysis, this time featuring Lumoona.
Lumoona is outstanding among Magic monsters: she is immune to Possession, has the perfect 3465 Base Speed, can make her team immune to Possession AND can Possess all enemies. She can also activate the CDs of an enemy with 100 accuracy, making her even more great, in addition to being able to restore the Life, Stamina and CDs of an ally in one move. As a denier, Lumoona is near perfect on her own, if only faster deniers like Crissandre and Galante didn't exist.

-Your Heart, Linked to Mine
-Only My Loa
-I Fix This Spell, Then Set It Free
-The Powers of 3 Times 3/Illness Leave, Health Return
Runes: 3 Speed

YHLM may do single target damage, but it applies Possession to all enemies. Only My Loa does nice damage and makes your team immune to Possession which is crucial in Magic Wars. IFTSTSIF has 100 accuracy and activates all CDs on the target, which is extremely powerful to have. Lastly, The Powers of 3 Times 3 is used for the AOE buff removal, such as Bo Tai's buffs. Alternatively, Illness Leave, Health Return can be used for some interesting synergies. 3 Speed is mandatory to be a denier.

Teammates: Lumoona can fit on literally any team. By using a 3 Speed Hydratila the Boltcaster/Riftmaker, you'll end up with endless Freeze if you picked ILHR in the last slot.

Countering Lumoona: Crissandre is one of the best counters since she is one of the few Magics around that is both faster than her and doesn't use Possession as their deny method. Galante can drain 100% of her Stamina.