Hello everyone and welcome to my 150th analysis, this time featuring Osteoclast.
If you have been following both the game and my analysis times, you'll notice that every 50th analysis features a monster that's not necessarily on sale. Well, that's because they feature monsters that are my personal favorites, and Osteoclast has been a monster that I've been wanting to do an analysis on for a long time.
Let's get the trash out of the way first: Osteoclast has aneurysm-inducingly low Base Life. This I won't deny, but he has a single move to sort of remedy this: Bone Shell. This 0 CD move gives him an extra turn and a 30% Life Shield, which, at level 100 with no Life runes, technically makes him have 27444 Base Life, which is not too shabby for an attacker. He also has bad Base Speed, though this can be remedied with runespreads or allies. On to the good stuff, Osteoclast has access to tremendous amounts of damage within his moveset thanks to his high powered moves and Bone Power, a Self move that gives him Precision+Double Damage. Osteoclast may be an average Earth monster with things like General Atum and Warthak around, and Megaosteum outright outclassing him in Undead, but if you give him a shot you will get good results.

-Bone Shell
-Bone Power
-Skeleton Army
-Ossein Slashes
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Bone Shell is mandatory with Osteoclast as the move has crazy flexibility: be it with fishing for your special move, dodging Possessions or getting a free Shield up. Bone Power is one of the best Self moves and buff moves in the game. With Osteoclast, you need to dish out crazy damage, so raw power is preferred: Skeleton Army over Skeleton Squad, and Ossein Slashes over Ossein Strike. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage output, but because of his bad Speed, 2 Speed 1 Strength can also be used, plus Bone Power can patch up the loss in power.

Teammates: The importance of a denier is especially high with Osteoclast: 2 Strength 1 Speed needs to avoid attacks from opposing attackers, and 2 Speed 1 Strength needs a turn to set up Bone Power. Fenrir can give him a free Triple Damage bonus for 3 turns, and if you use a 3 Speed Fenrir, your 2 Speed 1 Strength Osteoclast will demolish most enemies in a single Skeleton Army. Demise can patch up his Speed problems. Don't hesitate on fishing for your special attack with repeated Bone Shells if all else fails: Bone Chaos has the potential to turn games around.

Countering Osteoclast: Using Osteoclast on Defense Mode isn't exactly wise unless he is ranked beyond the attacker's levels since he is frail and slow. Countering him is extremely easy due to this reason: pick any attacker and click on Osteoclast with one of your moves and he'll most likely die. If he has 2 Speed 1 Strength, then deny him with your denier.