"WORLD WIDE MONSTERS", is recruiting now. We have a very loyal base of teammates over years. We formed this new team with most of our old loyal mates & few new loyal mates. We value loyality the most than anything else as loyality is hard to find. We are looking for few loyal & very active mates who will keep stick with us & with our team regardless we are winning plenty of coins regularly or having a bad phrase & loosing fights. We garanteed B2B Wars, Lots of Cells & Ideas sharing & 250+ Min. War Coins per Win. We enforces all mates to use 5/5 attacks or 4/5 min. Attacks each war, regardless you win or lose. Only Active & Loyal mates needed to apply. Those active & loyal mates having Cooling Down of more than 1 Day are also earnestly welcome . Hoping for meet some new active & loyal mates soon.