"OLD BUGS" not fixed until today
** Dragon Market Ghost gem** - Issue: When you collect from the dragon market you get one gem. After reloading it is gone. When you try to purchase something with it, the game will reload and the gem is gone. - No suggestions
Dragon Market reset - Issue: Dragon Market sometimes resets when you open it before it is ready for collection. - Suggestion: Wait until it shows up that it is ready and collect. Do not click at it before it is ready.
Challenges and rankings disappear - Issue: Friends challenges and ranking lists disappear on mobile. - Suggestion: Reduce your friendslist to 450 or less and it will appear again.
Dragons stuck on towers - Issue: After finishing a piece of a tower your dragons are still there and show up as busy when you try to choose them for battle or other things. - Suggestion: This works only on pc or puffin browser... put them into the training center or choose them for breeding. That should free them. Never use trained dragons or dragons with stars for building up towers. They might loose their stars and their trained attacks when they stuck on a tower.
Dragons missing - Issue: For some people dragons disappeared. Most of them lost dragons from the dragonarium but some also from the islands. - Suggestion: Dont put unbreedable Dragons or Dragons that are important for you into the dragonarium. If you miss a Dragon take a screenshot from the dragonbook that shows that you had it and ask the support where it went.
Invisible dragon eggs - Issue: Somtimes Dragon eggs are invisible in the hatchery on pc or puffin. You can not speed up hatching them with wizards. - No suggestions
Cant place a dragon - Issue: On pc you can not place a hatched dragon although you have space for it because you are building up any other habitat. - Suggestion: Wait until everything is ready or use phone or bluestacks to place the dragon.
Loosing progress - Issue: You loose progress when you go out of the game. For example: you put dragons for breeding or start growing food and when you go back on the game food is not put and there are no dragons breeding. - Suggestion: The game didnt save. Before you go out of the game visit a neighbor or go on Ancient World and back to the game. That will save the progress.
Ancient Dragon - Issue: The dragon doesnt show up in the dragonbook and looks like a flame dragon. No suggestions.