Hello everyone and welcome to my 151st analysis, this time featuring Sparking Mantis.
Sparking Mantis is all about Stamina drains, and with his good Speed stat this is a good thing. In addition to his Stamina drains, Mantis has good Base Strength and good Base Powers on his moves. Being a Thunder monster also means that he will be able to use his weapons against those that dread it most: VoltaiK and Zyla the Faithful. Being immune to Freeze is a weird trait for a Thunder monster, but it is a generally useful trait and it may help vs. Boltcaster. However, one of Mantis' biggest issues is that he can't be super fast and utilize his great damage at the same time, plus Zyla has greater Base Speed than him, forcing him to run 2 Speed if he desires to immobilize her.

-Vigour Absorber
-Abdomen Glands
-Dismounting Male
-Diurnal Habits
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength/2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Speed

Vigour Absorber is a 100% Stamina drain, which is the one most surefire ways of denying an opponent. Abdomen Glands has a massive 75 Base Power, is unresisted and it drains 50% of an enemy's Stamina-perfect for when an enemy recharges to deny it again, and it may also outrigt one-shot depending on your spread. Dismounting Male is a weaker, but still strong, version of Abdomen Glands with an added Stamina Leak. Lastly, Diurnal Habits not only has the golden 45 Base Power, but it also drains 30% of all enemies' Stamina in addition to applying Stamina Leak, which will result in them losing 45% Stamina when their turn arrives-again, very useful after the enemy recharges. 2 Speed allows Mantis to outspeed attackers and Zyla, and the 1 Strength buffs up the power of his moves. 3 Speed is another alternative that can be used as a method of denying deniers. Yet another approach is 2 Strength 1 Speed, which relies on the raw power of his moves.

Teammates: General Thetys' Stamina Devourers can be followed up with Diurnal Habits for a 2-turn deny, though the enemy will first have to recharge for this to work. Other monsters with 100% Stamina drain are also good since then you can follow them up with your 50% Stamina drains or your AOE.

Countering Sparking Mantis: Mantis' biggest problem is his inability to deny multiple monsters at once: even if he locks down one monster, he is still vulnerable to others' attacks. Lux Aura and similar monsters with AOE Stamina recharge will force Mantis to either deny them or watch his Stamina drain be reduced to naught. Alex Bone Speed ties with him and can Stun him.