Hello everyone and welcome to my 152nd analysis, this time featuring Galante.
Galante is above the 3465 Base Speed at level 100, which is an amazing thing for a denier. He also has an immunity to Possession, an AOE Blind with 100 accuracy and a 100% Stamina drain! However, Galante isn't without his flaws, as his damage is low and he doesn't have an AOE deny attack-not a reliable one, at least.

-À Toi, Pour Toujours
-Le Prix De L'Amour
-Amour De Ma Vie
-Vous Et Nul Autre/Toujours Dans Mon Cœur
Runes: 3 Speed

The first move is an AOE Blind with 100 accuracy, which is perfect for denying deniers. The second move is a single target 100% Stamina drain and this is again useful for denying the enemy denier, though it doesn't screw with other monsters. The third move Possesses the target and Poisons it. The last move is either Possession+Nightmares or 100% Damage Reduction. While the former may seem completely superior, the latter has merit as well: it works greatly against Magic attackers like Vanitus or Malair who also have immunity to Possession. 3 Speed puts his great Speed tier to good use.

Teammates: While Galante can deny the enemy denier, he can't do much about the other 2 members, so a monster with a true AOE deny move is recommended.

Countering Galante: Using monsters that are immune to Blind such as Arch Knight or Darkzgul alongside your denier will put Galante in a bind, as he either can't do anything about them, or deny them and let the enemy denier freely use an attack, which could spell disaster. You can't be immune to Stamina drain, but you can have Possession immunity, which a high number of Magic monsters have and is a great weapon vs. Galante.