Hello everyone and welcome to my 153rd analysis, this time featuring Violet.
Violet is a great denier, with a Possession immunity and an AOE Possession-these always make for a promising Magic denier. However, with monsters like Eggeater, Mr. Scratch and Galante Jr. running around who can do exactly what she does but better, Violet doesn't offer anything special, but she does have use in breeding events.

-You Can't Resist Me, Darling
-You Will Love Me Forever
-You Are All Mine
Runes: 3 Speed

You Can't Resist Me, Darling is Violet's trusty AOE Possession attack, which is one of the most powerful deny methods. You Will Love Me Forever is also an AOE Possession, but it has a way more shaky 50% chance of applying Possession to its targets. Mademoiselle is used mostly for the single target Blind, and the last slot goes to You Are All Mine for an extra shot at Possession. 3 Speed is necessary for a denier.

Teammates: A denier is necessary in all teams, and Violet needs no specific teammates.

Countering Violet: If you are immune to Possession, Violet will have to resort to a measly Blind to stop you. Scarr the Outcast is a particularly deadly opponent, as he can dodge Violet's Possessions, and cast Amplified Power should a Possession hit.