I have thought of this ever since they started the cells weeks where you watch videos and get 2 free cells of any of the four monster you choose for the 3 day streak. and i was wondering if you could do that again but only this time if you could add the monsters I wanted to see if you could add please. (along with that could you let it be four days or a week instead of three days please.) Anyway, the four monsters i wanted to be in the next cell week is: Patrion,Sparking Mantis,Lumoona, and Jasastur. I hope if you like and agree with it. but if you do i give you my permission to let you all to fix it up if you want to. and the last one of my suggestion is if you could bring back some of the old monster in the team war's shop please. the monster you can choose to put back, but the one monster i want to be back in the war's shop is Commander Alvid, that's the only monster i want back in the war shop. but if you do that would you also reduce the price of the war coins to Commander Alvid as well. so it'll be alike to the price you did to Darmith's Bodyguard since he is 950 war coins and a legendary please. I hope you will agree with my ideas or probably a suggestion but i hope you'll all agree on it. And i promise i'll think of a great idea for a monster event or a new monster ideas as well to give you guys more support for the community.

From Monster Legend Player/SocialPoint Member -Alex