Hello everyone and welcome to my 156th analysis, this time featuring Goran.
Goran has the coveted Mountain trait and high Speed for an Earth monster. Not only this, but Goran has a move that says it heals him for 30%, but that is actually 30% PER ENEMY HIT. Goran also has lots of utility: giving Precision to the team, 0 CD single target Stun and such. However, Goran's damage is sorely lacking, and can be a bit passive.

-Earth Energy!
-Concentration of Power
-Bated Breath
-Lacking View
Runes: Any combination of Life and Speed except 3 Life/Any combination of Life and Team Speed except 3 Life

Earth Energy! provides Goran with a massive heal, and is necessary to keep him alive. Concentration of Power does minimal damage to all enemies, but it gives the team Precision. Bated Breath is a 0 CD Stun, and Lacking View's Blind is super valuable to make deny moves almost ineffective. Goran has a vast option of runes, so pick whichever one you think fits the situation best. However, I feel the need to explain 3 Speed: the reason why a tank would ever forgo his Life runes is because Goran outspeeds Eggeater in Dragons, and General Atum and Brontes
in Earth: these are usually the top choices for such Wars, and since they are all deniers, Goran can use either Bated Breath or Lacking View to stop them.

Teammates: Goran is very passive, so an attacker is necessary with him. Frostbite comboes very nicely with him thanks to the synergy between Concentration of Power and Arctic Boost.

Countering Goran: Baba Yaga and Riftmaker outspeed him and can deny him. Being immune to Stun renders Goran almost helpless against you, forcing him to rely on a shaky Blind to stop you-though this situation is in Goran's favor if said Stun-immune monster needs to use a deny move.