Hello everyone and welcome to my 160th analysis, this time featuring Tankerion.
(The CDs are based on HakaTaka's post on Tankerion's Wiki page.
Tankerion is possibly the best tank in the entire game, competing with Ouros for the slot. His Base Life is the 2nd highest out of all monsters, he has the Artifact trait meaning Equalizer or any damaging status will have no effect, and to top this all off he has the coveted Mega Stun and a buffed version of Ouros' special skill that also deals massive damage. Unlike Ouros, Tankerion can deal high damage if you rune him that way, which is a huge boon. However, Tankerion is very slow and is extremely vulnerable to CDs Activated from Timerion.

-55 Tons Per Inch
-Bagger 288
-Fiber Focus Soldering
-Induction Soldering/45 Tons Per Inch
Runes: 2 Life 1 Speed/2 Life 1 Strength/1 Life 1 Strength 1 Speed

55 Tons Per Inch has 55 Base Power, but more importantly it Mega Stuns the target. Bagger 288 has some great damage to it, and it Dazes and applies Damage Reduction to target, making it hit like a feather. Fiber Focus Soldering can be used on Tankerion himself-he won't get Precision due to Artifact-to heal for a massive 80%, or used on another monster to give it Precision and a nice amount of healing, and Tankerion 30% healing. The last slot goes to Induction Soldering for more heals, or 45 Tons Per Inch for another deny attack. 2 Life 1 Speed focuses entirely on tanking, but 2 Life 1 Strength can make him deal some legitimate amount of damage in exchange for allowing some enemies to take 2 turns before you even take one. If you don't want that to happen, 1 Life, Strength and Speed can serve you well by giving you a bit of everything, and thanks to his massive Life stat and heals, even 1 Life rune will do wonders.

Teammates: Tankerion doesn't need any specific allies to function properly, but grabbing monsters who can stall, like Ouros or Varuna, is a good idea to fish for Tankerion's special-Ouros is a perfect partner since he has a special that functions very similarly to Tankerion's.

Countering Tankerion: Timerion will stop Tankerion dead in his tracks, though the team needs to be wary of his special. Stamina drainers can stop him for at least one turn, during which you can whittle him down. Crissandre and Pigredo are among other monsters who can use CD activation moves.