Hello everyone and welcome to my 161st analysis, this time featuring Flamerion.
Flamerion has great Base Strength and higher Speed than Metalhead. He also has a move that deactivates all his CDs and gives him an extra turn, which can be comboed for amazing results with one of his AOEs. Having the Artifact trait makes it so that he can't be denied except for Stamina drain or CD activation. However, Artifact is a double edged sword for an attacker, as it also prevents Flamerion from getting buffs like Precision or Damage boosts, and his Stamina costs are outright astronomical, forcing the use of a Stamina rune to get his massive AOE combo off.

-Cooldown Self-Reset
-Fire Hack
-Max Damage
-Max Burn/Max Flamethrower
Runes: 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Stamina/2 Strength 1 Speed

Cooldown Self-Reset gives you an extra turn and resets your CDs, and it'll be used in combination with Fire Hack, a Base 40 Fire AOE with Sticky Lava. You use Fire Hack, then Cooldown Self-Reset, then Fire Hack again to kill all enemies, but this combo will require a Stamina rune. Max Damage has a massive 80 Base Power, which allows it to kill any monster who doesn't resist it or has Life runes when you have 2 Strength runes on. Lastly, Max Burn has 40 Base Power, is unresisted, and it Burns all enemies, but Max Flamethrower can be used to defeat very tanky monsters, Zyla or VoltaiK if you are somehow faster than them. 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Stamina allows the usage of the Fire Hack combo and eases the pain from his massive Stamina costs. If you don't want to use the Fire Hack combo since it means losing out on Base Strength, 2 Strength 1 Speed can fit your needs, but Max Burn is recommended in the last slot on this set.

Teammates: Any Samael form is an excellent ally for Flamerion, as their extra turn attack also restores Stamina, which will allow 2 Strength 1 Speed spreads to use the Fire Hack combo. Other Sticky Lava or Fire Weakness users such as Tulekahju allows for a faster usage of the Fire Hack combo.

Countering Flamerion: Timerion and any other monster with a CD activation move will stop Flamerion for 3 turns if he doesn't get his special off. Stamina drainers can also stop him for a turn. Fire monsters can take his assault for a turn.