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Hello Dragon Masters!

Big THANKS to all of you that took part in the Legends of Deus event. Defeating the evil forces was a very tough mission, but with your strength and the love sent from all your Dragons you managed to succeed! You are now a LEGEND! Now our beloved Dragon City is safe again...for now...

Note: Haven’t you seen the FINAL Legends of Deus video yet?! You can’t miss it -> HERE

Summer season is almost over...and “Winter is coming”... 😄 Our Dragons are ready for the challenge, are you? 😉 We are very excited to tell you what’s coming next in Dragon City! Keep reading and find out our amazing line-up and surprises for September! 🙂


Upcoming Events and Updates

Quick Event’s Overview:

  • Heroic Race: Crystal [Claim 2 Heroic Dragon -> 1 is a brand new Heroic!]
  • Jungle Island Event [1 brand new Dragon]
  • Comic Island Event [3 brand new Dragons]
  • Get your own Dragon Event [YOU will have the chance to create your own Dragon & 2 brand new Dragons as well!]
  • Blizzard Island Event [1 brand new Dragon]
  • Heroic Race: Factory [Claim 2 Heroic Dragon -> 1 is a brand new Heroic!]
  • Breeding Season Event [Unique breeding combinations available & 1 brand new Dragon available!]

The month of September in Dragon City starts with the Heroic Race - Crystal! Once again, we have added special rewards and we really hope you all like them. Take your chances to get 2 Heroic dragons and keep completing your Heroic Collections!

Once this gripping race comes to an end, we will start the Jungle Island event! 3 days long event in which you will have the opportunity to claim a brand new Dragon as well! The epic Elephant Dragon, a wise and majestic Dragon that will fit perfectly into the DC family!

By the way, did you already meet 4 of the new Dragons that are coming to DC this month? Check it out HERE!
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On Thursday, September 14, we will be starting 2 events:

  • 1.- The Comic Island:
    It will last 11 days and it will give you the chance to claim 3 brand new exclusive Dragons: Power Dragon, Atomic Dragon and Mighty Dragon! 3 comic super hero Dragons ready for battle!
    Furthermore, we have divided one Dragon into 4 pieces! These pieces will be hidden inside chests of the Comic Island and if you claim them all, you will get a Legendary Dragon...the Ocean Lord Dragon! Yeah! Are you going to miss them? 😉

  • 2.- ALSO, on that same day, we will start a very special event. Last year, we made it for the very first time and, since many of you were asking for it… here we go! Please welcome the ‘Get your Own Dragon event’!

Wait...What? What’s this event about? 0_1504195652165_DragonCity_StarDragon_4.png

In this case, you will have the chance to participate in a very unique and special event. You will have the chance to CREATE YOUR OWN DRAGON for Dragon City, together with our Art team! Yeeeeah!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to show off to your friends a Dragon that you have created with the Dragon City team! Get involved, join the event and claim your Lottery ticket for a chance to take part!

How can you get the Lottery ticket?

  • All users can have, max, 1 Lottery ticket.
  • You will have the chance to win your ticket by making your way through the following steps:
    • First of all, we will have a Breeding Event and then,
    • We will have 3 Tournaments in which you will need the final dragon of the Breeding event.
    • Fight your way throughout the Tournaments and as a final reward, you will get you Lottery Ticket + other rewards!

A bit confusing perhaps? Don’t worry, we will share with your more information in the near future! Keep an eye on our Facebook fan page and Dragon City official Forum, we will be sharing more details very soon! Stay tuned!

ALSO, on Monday, September 25, and during the last 3 days of the Get your Own Dragon Event, we will start a new event, the Blizzard Island! We hope that you enjoy its designs and you all can claim its dragon, the brand new Blizzking Dragon!

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need, for example, the Collection Days!

Approaching the end of September, we will start a new Heroic Race - Factory, that comes with a brand new Heroic Dragon! The High Octane Dragon!!

Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel to be the first to see it and its elements! -> Dragon City Youtube

Last but not least, during the exciting Heroic Race, we will start the Breeding Season in Dragon City! Do you want to breed exclusive Dragons? Get your Breeding Mountain, Breeding Sanctuary and your Ultra Breeding Tree ready for the challenge. Starting on Friday, September 29 and for 10 days, we will have some special & unique breeding combination that you won’t want to miss out!

We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys! Let us know us your opinion HERE!

See you back on the islands!