Hello everyone and welcome to my 163rd analysis, this time featuring Baba Yaga.
Baba Yaga is the fastest Earth monster, and instead of using Stun, she uses Possession, and while that might seem really good on paper against Earth monsters, it may not be so. The reason is many Earth monsters have a Self skill(Ouros, Osteoclast, General Atum if you want to, Hiroim the Tenacious,...), so Baba Yaga is not suited very much for Defense in Earth Wars like deniers usually are. However, on Attack mode, Baba Yaga can dominate most defense nodes thanks to her naturally high Base Speed, so she can outspeed other deniers and maybe force them to waste their deny move. She is also part of the Undead book, and being the fastest viable member there and being immune to Possession makes Baba Yaga one of the best deniers there. However, as said before, in both Undead and Earth, there are many ways to deal with Possession, and once her AOE Possession has been used, Baba Yaga doesn't have much left to do.

-Forest Kidnapper
-Yaga's Curse
-Kid Eater
-Ancient Wisdom
Runes: 3 Speed

Forest Kidnapper is the only AOE Possession in the Earth element as of me writing this. Yaga's Curse is an AOE Blind which is one of the most underestimated, yet most deadly status effects, plus it removes all buffs from the targets like Shields and Protection. Kid Eater is AOE Damage Reduction and it also negates healings on the targets. Lastly, Ancient Wisdom is used to have another Possession move, even though it's sincgle target because Baba Yaga will be facing a lot of monsters with Self skills, but they usually only have one. 3 Speed because she's a denier.

Teammates: She's a denier and thus fits in any team.

Countering Baba Yaga: Possibly the deadliest counter is Osteoclast if he manages to stay alive, because he can use his Bone Shells to rid himself of Baba Yaga's Blind and Possessions, and Stun/kill her with his single target attacks. Will "Razor Face" is immune to Possession and can use his AOE Stun.