Hello Legends,

We are currently rolling out a new version of the game. Please, update to the newest version in the next few days. Keep in mind, that it might take a while until ver5.6 appears in your stores.


  • Better sorting of monsters in your profiles.
    VIP and Nemesis Monster will be listed first and the rest will be ordered by their level.
    In case, some monsters you own have the same level the next parameter they will follow is their rarity.
  • Monsters join their friends in some books.
    In addition, few chapters will have empty windows for the monsters that will be coming later on. In these chapters, rewards won't be available until the monsters are released.

  • Updated Monster Legends icon to original one

  • Battle
    If two or more monsters have the same speed, the first turn is random.

Technical improvements

  • A lot of small improvements for the future releases.


  • If a monster dies in his own turn, the next monster turn will NOT skip.
  • Fixed minor visual issues.
  • Fixed crashes that happened to certain players.
  • Not showing 72hour challenge island if a player hasn't reached minimum level.

//Edit 7/9/17