Hello everyone and welcome to my 164th analysis, this time featuring Mountezuma.
3465 Speed, Mountain, the ability to activate all CDs on all enemies... Mountezuma is among the most elite of deniers when you put together all of these. He also has access to a 2 turn Possession attack, which makes him even greater, and with a recent update, he got placed in the Evil Legions and Dragon books, and he dominates in both. However, Mountezuma is weak when it comes to dishing out damage, but his denying prowess is so good that this can be overlooked. The main issue is him activating his own CDs with his AOE CD activation, but that is a reasonable price to pay for such a strong attack(Timerion's doesn't have a side effect because of Timerion's incapability to deal damage).

-Mountezuma Revenge
-Elder Curse
-Fatigue Hit
-Mountezuma Threat/Toxic Disease
Runes: 3 Speed

Mountezuma Revenge is Mountezuma's main denying method: in exchange for his own CDs getting activated,he activates all CDs on all enemy skills, which is one of the most powerful ways to deny monsters. Elder Curse applies a 2 turn Possession to the target, along with some damage. Fatigue Hit is used mainly for the extra turn, but the Poison is nice too. Lastly, Mountezuma Threat may be important to deny the enemy denier without denying yourself, but Toxic Disease can be used to have another Possession move that also Poisons the target. 3 Speed is obvious for any denier.

Teammates: As a denier Mountezuma fits in any team, though synergy-wise, any monster who can deactivate CDs will render the side effect of Mountezuma Revenge null.

Countering Mountezuma: Discobolus makes for an effective counter as all of his moves have 0 CD, including his AOE Stun. In the Evil Legions book, Zyla the Faithful can start with Fast Chains and render the CD activation useless. In the Dragon book, most of Learnean's moves have 0 CD, so he is almost not affected by Mountezuma Revenge.