Hello everyone and welcome to my 165th analysis, this time featuring Vodyanoy.
Vodyanoy is a monster that aims to remove debuffs and stay alive rather than applying debuffs. He also has 3476 Speed, which exceeds that of Hydratila the Icebringer, Cavenfish, Caillech and Mountezuma-these are all serious threats in the Sea book, Dragon book and Water element. Speaking of books, being a Water monster in the Dragon book is a godsend because many of the monsters there are of the Fire element-plus, he can counter Eggeater with his team Possession immunity move. However, aside from Dragon wars, Vodyanoy's buffs are not really major ones, and he can remain a bit passive in battle.

-Veles' Curse
-Mara's Protection
-Zaria's Blessing
-Porewit's Job
Runes: 3 Speed

Veles' Curse is a single target Possession, which is always good to have, especially to deny enemy deniers with your high Speed. Mara's Protection gives Possession immunity to your team, which will help against things like Mystery, Enypiast and Eggeater. Zaria's Blessing helps your teammates stay alive longer by giving your team Regeneration. Lastly, Porewit's Job is used to rid your team of annoying debuffs like Freeze since you are immune to it. 3 Speed must be used to counter enemy deniers and remove Freeze from your team if the enemy denier happens to be faster than you.

Teammates: Vodyanoy should preferably be used in Wars, so your teammates will be a bit random. However, try to choose ones that are not too frail because they will have to stay alive for Vodyanoy to buff them.

Countering Vodyanoy: Removing buffs will render two of his four moves useless. Being immune to Possession makes it almost impossible for Vodyanoy to deny you.