Hello everyone and welcome to my 166th analysis, this time featuring D.A.D. Unit(or Dad as I will be referring to him).
Dad is honestly a monster that's below average. The only good things he has are a 0 CD Stun and Base 50 AOE Metal move, which doesn't even hit that hard thanks to his horrendous Base Strength. He is negligible in the Family book too. The only thing he's good for is this Sapphire Breeding Quest.

-Tough Love
-Respect My Authority!
-Do Your Homework!
-Protection Protocol
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength/3 Team Speed

Tough Love has 45 Base Power, but has 0 CD and a Stun. RMA is a Base 30 Metal AOE move that Magnetizes, and DYH is the same thing but with 50 Base Power, but don't let that 50 fool you because you will rarely be able to kill things without a Damage Boost. Protection Protocol gives all allies a 30% Life Shield, which is fine. 2 Strength 1 Speed tries to somewhat patch up his abysmal Strength, but if you feel like it's futile to do so, use 2 Speed 1 Strength to capitalize on Tough Love or making your other AOE Metal monsters stronger. Yet another alternative is 3 Team Speed since if you're sad enough to resort to using this monster, you could at least make your allies faster.

Teammates: Other AOE Metal monsters will like the AOE Magnetize of Dad to make their jobs easier.

Countering D.A.D. Unit: Don't care about him at all unless he has another powerful Metal monster by his side. Although you could again not care about Dad and just take down the powerful Metal monster that is not Dad (I'm really trying to stress this, this monster is bad and you should under no circumstance waste 249 gems on him).