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Hello, Dragon Masters!

Do you want to participate in a very unique and special event and have the chance to WIN something AMAZING? Take part on the upcoming in-game event, “Get Your Own Dragon Event ” and claim you chance to CREATE YOUR OWN DRAGON for Dragon City, together with our Art team and Game Design! Yeeeeaaahhh!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to show off to your friends a Dragon that you have created with the Dragon City team! Take part in this event and claim your MEGA LOTTO TICKET to participate in the draw!

How can you get the Mega Lotto ticket?

All users can have, max. 1 ticket.
You will have the chance to WIN your ticket by making your way through the following steps:

  • First of all, we will have a Breeding Event and then,
  • we will have 3 Tournaments in which you will need the final dragon of the Breeding event.
  • Fight your way throughout the Tournaments and as a final reward, you will get you Mega Lotto Ticket + other rewards!



  • Dates: Special Breeding Event: 14th until 21st September
  • Breeding Combinations:

Cerbery Dragon (3rd Dragon Comic Island) + Bonfire (Tournament) = Pyrex (24h)
Cerbery Dragon (Comic Island) + Viktor ‘Joker’ = Pyrex Dragon (24h)
Bonfire Dragon (Tournament) + Viktor ‘Joker’ = Pyrex Dragon (24h)

Power Dragon (2nd Dragon Comic Island) + Rapunzel (Video Trailers) = Icewind Dragon (32h)
Power Dragon (Comic Island) + Viktoria ‘Joker’ = Icewind Dragon (32h)
Rapunzel (Video Trailers) + Viktoria ‘Joker’ = Icewind Dragon (32h)

Pyrex Dragon + Icewind Dragon = Pure Gold Dragon (VIP Dragon!) (50h) Required for the Tournament (Step 2)!


Dates: 21st until 28th September
Tournaments: 3 Tournaments to go through.

Tournament 1:

  • Requirement: Icewind Dragon (2nd Dragon Breeding combination).
  • Reward: Asian Dragon + Food, Gold and Gems.

Tournament 2:

  • Requirements: Asian Dragon (Tournament 1) and Pyrex Dragon (1st Dragon Breeding combination)
  • Reward: Iron Dragon + Food, Gold and Gems.

Tournament 3:

  • Requirements: Asian Dragon (Tournament 1), Iron Dragon (Tournament 2) and Pure Gold Dragon (Breeding combination!)
  • Rewards: Striking Dragon (NEW!) + Chest with your Mega Lotto Ticket! + Food, Gold and Gems.


Get your Ticket and be the lucky Winner!

On the 29th of September (remember that the event will finish on the 28th September), we will randomly draw 1 LUCKY winner out of all players that have a Mega Lotto ticket.

We will contact the winner directly via in-game notification!

So, why don’t you start thinking about your ideal Dragon? ;)

YOU can be the lucky winner that will work together with our amazing Art Team to CREATE Your OWN Dragon in Dragon City!

Good luck everyone!

Have a great day and see you back on the islands.