Hello everyone and welcome to my 167th analysis, this time featuring Guava Juice.
Guava Juice is the monster in the game with the highest amount of AOE skills in his moveset, and I mean it when I say every single one of his moves except his Physical skill is an AOE. These AOEs have useful effects to them, like Blinds, Dazes, Elemental Weaknesses and buff removals. However, Guava's trait is very subpar and his Base Strength is not good enough to make use of all his AOEs.

-Chillin' Water Challenge
-Salt Water Challenge
-Cheese Balls Challenge
-Water from the Pipe Challenge/Slime Bath Challenge/Energy Drink Challenge
Runes: 3 Team Speed/3 Speed

Chillin' Water Challenge applies Blind+Damage Reduction to all enemies hit, which will be useful to deny deniers and soften up attackers. Salt Water Challenge applies Daze to all enemies(I'm not mentioning the Base Powers since they don't really matter). Cheese Balls Challenge removes all buffs from all enemies. Water from the Pipe Challenge buffs all sorts of attackers by giving all enemies Nature, Water and Earth Weaknesses. Alternatively, Slime Bath Challenge adds some damage to Guava's kit. Yet another alternative is Energy Drink Challenge, which can be used to deny some enemies at low Stamina. 3 Team Speed can be used here since he isn't truly a denier or an attacker. 3 Speed still has merit though because he does have 3465 Base Speed and he can deny deniers with Blind.

Teammates: If you are running Water Pipe, you should get attackers from the element of the Weaknesses, like Osteoclast.

Countering Guava Juice: Remove debuffs from your team, and Guava has nothing on you. Literally.