Hello everyone and welcome to my 168th analysis, this time featuring Hasai.
Hasai has high Base Life and the Hardened trait, both of which help in keeping him alive. He also has moves that give crucial support to his teammates, like Shields and debuff removals, the latter of which is important against Light monsters since they tend to apply lots of debuffs. However, despite his utility, Hasai is still very slow and he doesn't hit hard at all. In addition, he is still not in any book.

-Gemstone Remedy
-Crystal Strike
-Trigonal Light
-Gemstone Barrier
Runes: At least 2 Speed runes and then whatever you want except Stamina or Team Stamina

Gemstone Remedy not only gives all allies a 30% Shield, but it also removes all of their debuffs. Crystal Strike is a 0 CD Stun which is very powerful. Trigonal Light removes all buffs from all enemies, which is excellent vs. things like Incognita and General Ingvar who have powerful buffing moves. Lastly, Gemstone Barrier gives Damage Boost, Precision and a 50% Shield to your ally, and Damage Boost is now more valuable because it stacks with Double Damage. The Rune spread is exactly the way I told you: the last Rune depends on your team comp or playstyle.

Teammates: Hasai can fit into almost any team thanks to his universally useful buffs. However, especially good allies include Taiga, who can give himself Space-Time and Double Damage, and the Damage Boost will stack with his DD.

Countering Hasai: If you have debuff removal, either use it in AOE form or on the target of Gemstone Barrier-this will deal a large blow to him. Picking a monster that's immune to Stun also makes Crystal Strike almost useless.