Hello everyone and welcome to my 169th analysis, this time featuring Hercule.
Hercule has A TON of Life and a Freeze immunity, which can work well against Sphyrnus in the Superheroes book. He also has a high Base Strength and the Base Powers to back it up. Along with all this, he has a Self move with effects that are generally very useful. However, Hercule doesn't have a deny move-which he honestly doesn't need thanks to his massive damage- and is very slow, which can cause problems with monsters who use Stun or CDs Activated.

-Just What I Needed!
-Tonight's Top Ten
-Over The Top
-Fair Dinkum
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Just What I Needed! gives him an extra turn, which serves to protect him against Possessions, and it restores some Life and removes his own debuffs: this move is perfect for his tanky nature. Tonight's Top Ten is an unresisted AOE with a minor Base Power, but it will still deal high damage with Hercule's Base Strength, and it is used mostly for the AOE Magnetize that synergises with Over The Top, a Base 45 Metal AOE. Lastly, Fair Dinkum is his highest Base Powered move that will arguably kill anything it hits with 2 Strength runes. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage output and allows him to one shot to compensate for his lack of deny skills.

Teammates: If you give Hercule Mirror Mirror, JWIN will apply its effects twice-including the extra turn!

Countering Hercule: Use Stun or CD activation skills since those will easily disable Hercule. Crissandre has both of these, is Magic based and has an AOE Bleeding to soften him up which counters Hercule greatly.