Hello everyone and welcome to my 171st analysis, this time featuring Granuy.
Along with Darmith's Bodyguard, Granuy is the fastest Fire monster with a Speed of 3498 at level 100, which is a huge plus since he can be a supporter. Not only that, but he's also a fantastic attacker-with access to Water skills! His trait, Hardened, is always awesome to have against any and all status, like Eggeater's AOEs in Dragon or Laomu and White Pandalf in Good Legions. The only downside is that Granuy doesn't have a deny move, which is not a good thing for a supporter.

-Nowhere To Run
-My Allies Will Rise
-Absolute Protection
-Burning Your Flash/Accept My Power
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Nowhere To Run is perfect vs. the likes of Megaosteum and General Darmith since it removes their buffs and does high damage to Fire monsters, which are abundant in Dragon. My Allies Will Rise gives Double Damage and Precision to all allies which is extremely powerful, and this is good for both an attacker and a supporter to have. Absolute Protection is a very valuable skill in any situation since it removes all debuffs from your team and makes it so that they don't take damage from any attack except Special element attacks, and the Daze immunity is also welcome. Lastly, Burning Your Flash is a useful damage tool that is unresisted, has 60 Base Power and 0 CD, in addition to Poison and Burn. A more support option is Accept My Power, which has 45 Base Power and is Fire based, but applies Burn and Poison to all enemies instead of just one target. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage output while 2 Speed 1 Strength sacrifices some damage for more Speed-this spread is where I recommend Accept My Power more.

Teammates: Granuy is an excellent teammate for any monster thanks to My Allies Will Rise and Absolute Protection.

Countering Granuy: Special attacks can penetrate through Absolute Protection, and unless you're using a Fire monster, Nowhere To Run just becomes a regular AOE move. Try saving your debuff removal for after when he uses Absolute Protection or My Allies Will Rise.