I join the legion of other players who are disgruntled with this constant changing of game play within ML - unfair PVPs, lack of storage, gad the list is endless.

Every time I log in, I see my habitats filled with bored monsters walking back and forth (like polar bears in a confined enclosure at a zoo). I only use my legendaries (and that's only a handful 'cos everyone is using Gen Thetys with triple X speed runes so I am forced to use my own Thetys with two others). I collect gold and feed but the tedium of doing that is boring the heck out of me. Same with coin wars - yawn yawn yawn. The Library is confusing - when I click a monster to see it's profile, there's no symbol to show which book it belongs to???

I have 100s of Items (never used - who uses snacks, small life potion, soothing lotion? - I can't even delete or give them away). My land space is maxed out so I can't build any more habitats.

Of course, if you a newbie then this game seems okay but you can only progress so far before you realise why people like me are so dissatisfied.

I welcome any suggestions / recommendations of a similar (but not so pathetic as ML) RPG worthy of my time.