Hello everyone and welcome to my 172nd analysis, this time featuring Nishant's Bodyguard.
This monster has 3498 Speed at level 100, which is an amazing Speed tier to be at especially when you're a supporter/denier. This is especially true when you consider her team Evasion move, which is an extremely strong effect that is probably the most powerful support move ever, plus she can give her teammates immunity to Possession, a status effect common among Dark and Underworld Wars. However, Nishant's Bodyguard lacks deny moves, and she absolutely must be faster than the enemy to properly work-the last part may sound very obvious for any monster with 3 Speed, but it is even more important here since Evasion is nothing if the monsters you want to protect are already denied or dead.

-Black Sigh
-Shadow Acceleration
Runes: 3 Speed

Turbulence gives all allies Evasion, which allows them to dodge both damage AND status for 1 turn, protecting them from nearly anything. Black Sigh gives all allies immunity to Possession and Damage Boost, the latter of which became more significant due to the changes made to damage boosts. Niff applies Dark Weakness to all enemies and applies Damage Reduction to them which softens up attackers. Lastly, Shadow Acceleration gives the target Evasion, which can be used on a major team member after Turbulence to protect it twice. 3 Speed is necessary to use Turbulence before anyone moves.

Teammates: Monsters with Dark AOE moves will appreciate Niff's Dark Weakness. Monsters like Scarr the Outcast who have damage boosting attacks enjoy the safety of Evasion.

Countering Nishant's Bodyguard: CD activations and Stamina drain both go through Evasion, so General Thetys and Mountezuma are good counters. Removing buffs will also remove Evasion and her other buffs, rendering her and her teammates very weak.