Hello everyone and welcome to my 173rd analysis, this time featuring Living Forest.
Living Forest is a first among support monsters in that he focuses on giving Taunt(Protection) to his allies, and his 3498 Speed is very useful in this end. He also has access to effects such as Mirror and Double Life, which are both some of the most powerful effects to exist-and being a part of Superheroes and having Mirror automatically makes him a relevant monster since he can very effectively counter VoltaiK this way. Despite being a terrifying support, Living Forest is vulnerable to buff removals and can be a bit passive at times, though this monster's power is not something to overlook.

Runes: 3 Speed/will be explained but basically a combo of Team Life and Speed

Kinabalu gives Mirror to target, removes all debuffs from it and heals it by 30%(does the target reflect back Kinabalu to Living Forest since the game list Mirror as the first buff given to target? That would be insane.). Daintree gives Taunt and Double Life to target, which basically makes killing the other teammates a hard job to manage. Sinharaja is useful to keep allies healthy in all ways, plus it is reflected back if an ally has Mirror, which results in a massive 60% heal on the team. The last slot goes to either Sundarbans to remove opposing buffs like General Atum's Shield and opposing Living Forests and Poison enemies, or Mindo-Nambillo for some interesting damage shenanigans. 3 Speed is the most useful way to counter VoltaiKs that use Team Speed strategies, but if there is no VoltaiK or Zyla, then you can put a tanky monster on your team, give Living Forest just enough Speed runes to outspeed that monster, then give Team Life for the rest.

Teammates: A tank monster is good to be the target of Daintree or Kinabalu. Kinabalu's Mirror can be exploited in interesting ways, like using a move that gives the monster an extra turn with Kinabalu's target such as Osteoclast, which will result in the monster getting two extra turns instead of one. Mindo-Nambillo's weaknesses can be useful for your teammate as it offers a large variety of weaknesses.

Countering Living Forest: Outside of outspeeding him and denying him, the best way is to use buff removal as this will get rid of the Taunts and Mirrors. If you are going to use single target deny moves on the target with Mirror, having the user of the deny move be immune to that deny method will make the reflected attack just do damage, though this can hurt if the target has Strength runes.