Hello everyone and welcome to my 174th analysis, this time featuring GaiaNova.
GaiaNova is what Tesaday aspired to be...somewhat. Both monsters are just sad monsters who couldn't accept the fact that VoltaiK and Zyla are gods whose judgment is absolute, and screwed up while trying to impersonate them. GaiaNova at least got the 3 extra turns right, but the CDs are nowhere near ideal, nor is the Base Strength. However, the thing she needs to capitalize on is using Avalanche followed by Massive Gravel Dust for the highest amount of AOE damage (with no side effects or need for specials) to date. GaiaNova's Speed is amazing and thanks to one of her extra turn attacks, you don't even need to run Stamina runes on her. She can also counter VoltaiK since she is faster than him and can kill him before he moves.

-Massive Gravel Dust
-Rockslide/Clay Claws
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Mudslide gives her 50% Stamina and an extra turn, and this move is very valuable as an anti-Possession in Female and it removes the need for Stamina runes. Avalanche is (HOPEFULLY) a Base 25 AOE with an extra turn on it, and it is the first extra turn to be a true AOE move. This move is truly powerful when followed by Massive Gravel Dust, a Base 35 AOE with Quicksands, and these two combined make for a Base 60 AOE! The last slot goes to Rockslide, a Base 35 extra turn attack. However, Clay Claws can be used here too as you aren't VoltaiK and aren't going to infinite combo anyone to death, so Rockslide isn't necessary unless you use her for defense, in which case it is useful to hopefully allow the AI to get the combo of Massive Gravel Dust+Avalanche off. 2 Strength 1 Speed must be used to compensate for the low power of her moves and her low Strength.

Teammates: If you can give her Precision before she begins her combo, you will end up dealing the AOE 60 and Quicksands to all enemies, guaranteed (unless they are of the Earth element). If you give her damage boosts as well, the enemy is very likely to be dead. Some monsters like Living Forest and Guava Juice have AOE Earth Weakness, so that can give Massive Gravel Dust some more oomph and unresistedness.

Countering GaiaNova: CD activations will decimate GaiaNova, as should she not run Clay Claws, she will be a sitting duck for 2 turns, and one more turn after her 3rd one. In Female, Zyla is still queen and can smite her failure of an imposter thanks to her higher Speed. In Good Legions, many monsters are faster than her and can deal with her, like Crissandre and Boltcaster. In Superheroes, Crissandre still haunts her with her higher Speed, Stun and most importantly, CD activation.