Due to loss of several longtime players (some stopped playing ML and some take a break) VBulletin is looking for active loyal players.
We offer you:
• our knowledge of the game, we have players that are around since the beginning of the game
• helping out with cells wherever we can
• actively searching a way to get the 1st prize in race and succeeded in 5 out of 7
• all known info for every event
what do we want from new players
• 5/5 attacks in b2b wars with 3 attacks with 1st team 2 attacks with 2nd (but not too big of a difference between both)
• Legendary monsters at least 100 (all types and preferably in all books especially in the most used ones). Ranked epics, (fully)ranked rare’s, fully ranked uncommon and fully ranked common.
• If you want to stay longtime on our team we like you to be part of our messenger group this is easier than team chat specially during race also more handy for sharing info on breeding events and maze discount