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Hello, Dragon Masters!

Wow, last month was jam-packed with dragon goodness!

Firstly, a massive thank you to all who took part in the Create your own Dragon Event. We will be revealing the winner soon so stay tuned to our community sites.

Upcoming Events and Updates

Quick Event’s Overview:

  • Heroic Race: Factory (New Heroic Dragon! The High Octane Dragon!!)
  • Breeding Season Event (Unique breeding combinations available. And 1 new dragon!)
  • Vampire Island Event (1 New dragon to be claimed)
  • Apocalypse Island Event (1 New dragon to be claimed)
  • Skull Dragon Event (1 New dragon to be claimed)
  • Shadow Island Event (4 New dragons to be claimed)
  • Halloween Event (A chance to win 3 new Legendary Dragons)

Ready set go…….. The race is on! The month of October in Dragon City starts with the Heroic Race - Factory! Once again, we have added special rewards and we really hope you all like them. Take your chances to get the new High Octane Dragon and another chance to claim the High Priest Dragon! Keep completing your Heroic Collections!

Besides, love is in the air as the breeding season is ongoing. Have you already bread the new dragons? Make sure you follow our community sites to discover what breeding combinations work.

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Official Dragon City Forum link:

In the Halloween mood yet? Not to fear these up and coming events should scare you into it!

On the 9th of October, Vampire Island will enter our city, this will provide you a chance to claim the brand new Pursuer Dragon! It is cute but deadly!

To follow on the 12th October we will have the Apocalypse Island Event which will run alongside our Skull Dragon Event, this will give you a chance to claim 2 brand new exclusive dragons: The Epic Sky King and The Legendary Skull Dragon, watch out he is the skilfull creeper of the night!

-> Wait, wait... you need more info on this event! The SKULL DRAGON EVENT!!

0_1506685776868_Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 17.59.25.png

  • You will have the chance to win The Skull Dragon by collecting 10 Skulls.

  • There are several ways to collect these special decorations:

    • Tournaments (more info below)
    • Decorations
    • Apocalypse Island
    • Video trailers
    • Dragon card packs (DCP).

Tournament Details:

Tournament 1:

  • Dates: 12/10 until 14/10
  • Requirement: Airboss Dragon (Apocalypse Island)
  • Reward: Double Ice Dragon + 2 new Skulls

Tournament 2:

  • Dates: 14/10 until 16/10
  • Requirement: Double Ice Dragon (Reward from T1)
  • Reward: Monstrous Dragon + 3 new Skulls

Once you have collected your 10 Skulls, to summon the dragon, remember to close the game and log in again! Exciting!

ALSO, on October 16th lasting throughout the Halloween season a spooky and mysterious Shadow Island is coming to Dragon City! Make your way through the maze finding hidden paths, open chests to gather rewards and discover the 4 New ominous dragons we have created for all hallows´ eve.

Furthermore, we will be holding a mini collection event, collect the first 4 dragons from the Shadow Island to Redeem the Legendary Goofy Dragon! You will also need the dragons for our Halloween Event.

Last but definitely not least, on the 21st of October we will be running a Halloween Event over the course of 12 days. Scared yet? Well, maybe the 3 NEW legendary Dragons will be able to keep you safe!

Need more details? Don’t worry, we will share with your more information in the near future! Keep an eye on our Facebook fan page and Dragon City official Forum, we will be sharing more details very soon! Stay tuned!

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need, for example, the VIP collection!

We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys! Let us know us your opinion HERE!

See you back on the islands!