Hello everyone and welcome to my 176th analysis, this time featuring Llum the Magical Matriarch.
With her massive 38k Life and blazing fast 3509 Speed coupled with an AOE Stun, the Matriarch definitely has a lot going for her. Between debuff removals, buff removals, Bulwark and all sorts of accuracy and damage modifiers, this monster will definitely be in control of who gets buffed and who doesn't. In Evil Legions, she gets outsped by Krampus and Jasastur, but they may not be able to break through Bulwark, and nothing stops the Matriarch from Stunning them. In Spirits she outspeed crucial members such as Baba Yaga and all Samael forms, and can potentially be an answer to Samael the Plague Carrier: since the Matriarch outspeeds him, she can use her AOE Stun to Stun him or at least his teammates, and since Plague Carrier runs 3 Speed 99% of the time, giving himself a Damage Boost won't hurt your team much and thus you deny him his Samael Warrior on attacker wipe. However, this form may find it difficult to inflict damage on enemies and unlike Samael, is rather weak when left alone. Still, one of her moves' name is literally Shut Up. How savage can you get?

-Sabotaged Rations
-Battlefield Speech//Leader Shout
-Silence, I'm Speaking//Powerful Discrepancy/Comforting Words
-Accepted Fate//Shut Up
Runes: 3 Speed
The //'s between some moves means you should get the move on the right side if you haven't unlocked that Group 4 skill yet.
(If you have all Group 3 moves learned on a Nemesis monster at the same time, the next time you'd normally learn a Group 3 move, a Group 4 move will show up instead. Using this method it's possible to have 2 Group 4 moves on a level 100 Nemesis, by replacing the 4th move you have with the Group 4 you're offered, then replacing one of the Group 3 moves with the other Group 4.)
Sabotaged Rations removes all buffs from the enemy team, applies Stamina Leak to them and gives them Special Weakness which increases the damage they take from said element by 50%. This move is generally useful but one of the most important uses is to counter General Thetys, since the Stamina Leak will prevent her from using Stamina Devourers(SD costs 120 Stamina, but the Leak will leave her at 116). Battlefield Speech removes all debuffs from your team, and gives them Double Damage+Precision. If you don't have access to this, Leader Shout will have to do as it removes all debuffs, heals by 30% and gives Damage Boost. Silence, I'm Speaking is an AOE Stun which pairs very well with her Speed. I'd say get this move no matter what, but if you don't have access to it,then Powerful Discrepancy will be a much weaker version with a 50% chance Stun, or if you don't like the 50% chance, Comforting Words can greatly heal an ally. Accepted Fate removes all buffs from all enemies, has 50 Base Power, and gives all enemies Damage Reduction and Blind. Not having this will be very bad, but if you don't have access to it, you can at least be emotionally hurtful and grab Shut Up. 3 Speed puts her great Speed tier to good use.

Teammates: Literally any team will appreciate the presence of the Matriarch.

Countering Llum the Magical Matriarch: Krampus and Jasastur in Evil Legions can outspeed her and hope to deny her before she moves, but Bulwark will make things very difficult. Getting Stun-immune monsters will prove to be of great importance as the Matriarch can't use an AOE Stun and Accepted Fate at the same time. Try to get rid of her teammates as this will make it much easier to deal with her, though she still mustn't be underestimated when left alone. Llum the Iron Leader is capable of dealing with her thanks to her own buff control and Bulwark, in addition to Metal based attacks.