Hello everyone and welcome to my 177th analysis, this time featuring Llum the Iron Leader.
Iron Leader is one of the best attackers and supporters to date. Having access to two Base 50 AOEs is tremendous for any monster, and when said monster is an attacker, this is even more capitalized. Should enemies survive her assault, they are bombarded with major debuffs like Blind and Bleeding. On top of all this, she has the Bulwark trait and Metal based attacks, which makes her strong against the Matriarch and Light of Freedom, and her Base 3476 Speed allows her to outspeed threats such as General Darmith, Scarr the Outcast and Noctum, considering they run the same number of Speed runes. Compared to the Matriarch, not having access to Group 4 is more forgiving on Iron Leader, as the alternatives have at least high power or good effects themselves. However, deniers and attackers that can one shot enemies rule the metagame, and anything left outside that category suffers at least a bit, as does Iron Leader.

-Battlefield Speech//Leader Shout
-Veinboiler//Skin Heater
-Accepted Fate//Sabotaged Rations
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/1 Strength 2 Speed
The //'s between some moves means you should get the move on the right side if you haven't unlocked that Group 4 skill yet.
(If you have all Group 3 moves learned on a Nemesis monster at the same time, the next time you'd normally learn a Group 3 move, a Group 4 move will show up instead. Using this method it's possible to have 2 Group 4 moves on a level 100 Nemesis, by replacing the 4th move you have with the Group 4 you're offered, then replacing one of the Group 3 moves with the other Group 4.)
Abdicator is a Base 70 Metal move with an added Bleeding effect, and at least coupled with Bleeding it'll kill any enemy that doesn't resist it, considering she runs 2 Strength. Battlefield Speech is your damage boosting move, as it removes all debuffs from your team, and gives them Double Damage+Precision. If you don't have access to this, Leader Shout will have to do as it removes all debuffs, heals by 30% and gives Damage Boost. Veinboiler is a Base 50 Metal AOE with a Bleeding effect, making it one of the best AOEs an attacker could have. Skin Heater is the alternative if you don't have access to Veinboiler, and the Base 40 AOE makes it reasonable for a substitute. Accepted Fate is almost the ultimate debuff skill, but is used also for its 50 Base Power and unresistedness. If you don't have access to this, Sabotaged Rations will have to do, and is a great move in itself. 2 Strength 1 Speed capitalizes on damage output and allows Abdicator to do very high damage to or outright kill most enemies. 1 Strength 2 Speed instead sacrifices some damage for more Speed, allowing her to snipe Light monsters or frail monsters that run 1 Speed especially on higher monster levels.

Teammates: Iron Leader can find a spot on most teams thanks to her massive utility, but for lower level Iron Rulers, an interesting combo is to get a monster with Mirror and use Leader Shout. This way, the team will be healed by 60%, though this is more of a supportive combo.

Countering Llum the Iron Leader: 3 Speed monsters with Stamina drain or CD activation can deal with Iron Leader (this is what I meant by the last sentence in this overview, this applies to any and every monster that doesn't run 3 Speed unless SP releases monsters with 0 CD 0 Stamina AOE deny moves or something)by preventing her from moving. Zyla the Faithful will usually be faster than the 1 Speed variant and can kill her, as can an attacker version of Samael the Plague Carrier.