Hello everyone and welcome to my 178th analysis, this time featuring Llum the Light of Freedom.
Compared to her other two forms, LOF is clearly outmatched. Still, she does have the awesome buff control and the Bulwark trait they all share. Plus, this form may find it easier to deal with tanks thanks to its preferred debuff of Sunburn, as Igursus is in Evil Legions. However, there is almost no reason to buy this form as the Igursus reason is extremely situational and the Matriarch is a far better support whereas Iron Leader is a far better attacker.

-Sabotaged Rations
-Battlefield Speech//Leader Shout
-Justice Carrier//Criminal Chaser/Comforting Words
-Accepted Fate//Fair Judge
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed
The //'s between some moves means you should get the move on the right side if you haven't unlocked that Group 4 skill yet.
(If you have all Group 3 moves learned on a Nemesis monster at the same time, the next time you'd normally learn a Group 3 move, a Group 4 move will show up instead. Using this method it's possible to have 2 Group 4 moves on a level 100 Nemesis, by replacing the 4th move you have with the Group 4 you're offered, then replacing one of the Group 3 moves with the other Group 4.)
Sabotaged Rations removes all buffs from the enemy team, applies Stamina Leak to them and gives them Special Weakness which increases the damage they take from said element by 50%. Battlefield Speech removes all debuffs from your team, and gives them Double Damage+Precision. If you don't have access to this, Leader Shout will have to do as it removes all debuffs, heals by 30% and gives Damage Boost. Justice Carrier has the golden 45 AOE Base Power and it applies Sunburn to all enemies hit. If you don't have access to this attack, Criminal Chaser is a weakened version with 50% chance for Sunburn, but the move itself has 100 accuracy. Another option is Comforting Words for a massive heal on an ally. Accepted Fate removes all buffs from all enemies, has 50 Base Power, and gives all enemies Damage Reduction and Blind. Not having this will be very bad, but if you don't have access to it, Fair Judge will deal good damage and Sunburn the target. 3 Speed maximizes her Speed to quickly use her moves, but 3 Team Speed is also acceptable since she isn't a denier.

Teammates: LOF can find a spot on most teams thanks to her massive utility, but for lower level LOFs, an interesting combo is to get a monster with Mirror. Not only will Leader Shout be used twice for a 60% team heal, but you can use Comforting Words on the Mirrored monster to heal yourself greatly as well.

Countering Llum the Light of Freedom: This form is more passive compared to the other two, but just because I dissed her at the beginning doesn't by any means equate to her being weak. LOF is still a master of buffs and she can easily dismantle your team. Try using debuff removals and focus on taking down her teammates first. Iron Leader is a great answer to LOF as her Metal based attacks can easily take LOF down.