Hello everyone and welcome to my 179th analysis, this time featuring Ragnael.
Ragnael is one of the 3 new "Celestial" monsters, which gives him said trait that blocks Stun, Mega Stun and Bleeding. The Mega Stun immunity actually comes in handy thanks to Brontes being a common choice in Good Legions, and the Stun and Bleeding immunity are generally useful. Ragnael is pretty good at removing buffs from enemies, which proves helpful in every War he can take part in, plus he can be an effective attacker at the same time. Unfortunately, Ragnael doesn't have a guaranteed deny move and has nothing to assist him in damage.

-Blessed Light
-Demonic Cleanse
-Demon Smite/Divine Flash
-Consecrated Grounds/Divine Flash
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Team Speed

Blessed Light has the golden 45 Base Power, removes all buffs from the enemy team and Blinds them, which makes this move very useful both damage-wise and supportively. Demonic Cleanse has a good 40 Base Power, but it unresisted, also removes buffs and applies Damage Reduction to all enemies. Demon Smite is used mostly for being a 0 CD Base 60 move that is unresisted. Another alternative is Divine Flash, a 0 CD Base 65 Light move with an added bonus of Blind. Lastly, Consecrated Grounds is an AOE with a random effect for each enemy, but Divine Flash can be used here if you picked Demon Smite in the previous slot and want to be an attacker. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the attacker build and should use Demon Smite and Divine Flash. 3 Team Speed is the supporter version that should use Divine Flash and Consecrated Grounds.

Teammates: Any monster with an AOE Daze can combine it with Blessed Light to basically Mega Stun the entire enemy team. Special Weakness or Light Weakness can greatly enhance the damage of his AOEs.

Countering Ragnael: He can be denied by anything other than Stun and Mega Stun, so take advantage of that. Laomu and Metalhead can Possess him and Hydratila can Freeze him. A fast Metal monster like Jakugan can also one shot him.