Hello everyone and welcome to my 180th analysis, this time featuring Azuriel.
Azuriel has a great Speed tier along with the Celestial trait which gives her immunity to Stun, Mega Stun and Bleeding. She also has good Base Strength and the moveset to back it up, along with some pretty effective support moves as well. Azuriel is actually a very powerful monster, but she was released during a wrong time since both Llum and especially Samael are extremely powerful monsters and drew all the attention to themselves.

-Holy Blaze
-Corrupt Retribution
-Devine Judgement
-Heavenly Flare/Spiritual Slash
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength/3 Speed

Holy Blaze is an unresisted AOE with 40 Base Power and Sunburn which is very effective at dealing damage and messing with accuracy. Corrupt Retribution has the golden 45 Base Power and applies Bleeding to all targets, dealing more damage and reducing their power. Devine Judgement is extremely valuable vs. monsters such as General Thetys, Brontes and Caillech to deny them from denying your team for multiple turns. Lastly, Heavenly Flare is high, unresisted damage with a bonus Sunburn, but Spiritual Slash is useful against Arch Knight and General Ingvar to one shot them. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage output whereas 2 Speed 1 Strength focuses on the damage from debuffs and messing up slower monsters. 3 Speed can be used to deny other deniers with Devine Judgement.

Teammates: Captain Copperbeard can allow Azuriel to use Devine Judgement more often with All Aboard! and can buy time for her to apply Bleeding and Sunburn with Blakely 12 Pounds. Any monster with Special Weakness will greatly increase the damage of Holy Blaze, Devine Judgement and Heavenly Flare.

Countering Azuriel: Faster deniers like Laomu or Baba Yaga can stop her before she can move. If she has 3 Speed, then debuff removal will take most of her damage away. If she runs Strength runes, denying her becomes much easier.