Hello everyone and welcome to my 181st analysis, this time featuring Remiel.
Remiel has pretty solid stats all around, especially Base Strength at 3531. His trait is useful against Brontes and Monky's Mega Stuns, and a Stun and Bleeding immunity is universally useful. With a Self move under his belt, he also has a once-every-3-turns way out of Possession in addition to high AOE and single target damage. However, Remiel can be easily denied by anything other than Stun.

-Prayer of Cleansing
-Angelic Strike
-Heaven's Curse
-Anointented Blade/Hell's Curse
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Prayer of Cleansing gives Remiel Double Damage and gives him a way to deal with Possession(sort of, since you still can't damage the enemy). Angelic Strike will usually one-shot any enemy that doesn't resist it or has Life runes. Heaven's Curse has the golden 45 Base Power and applies Special Weakness to all enemies, which he unfortunately can't utilize but his allies can. Lastly, Anointented Blade is high single target damage with a Stun whereas Hell's Curse is another AOE attack that is instead Fire based. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage output.

Teammates: Other monsters with Fire Weakness or Special Weakness can help Remiel's AOE(s) in killing all enemies in one blow. Samael or Demise can give him the turn to use his AOE or kill something with Angelic Strike.

Countering Remiel: Caillech has the type advantage and can Freeze him. Laomu and White Pandalf can Possess him, preventing him from damaging your team for a turn, though you should watch out for Prayer of Cleansing. Jakugan can just outspeed and one-shot him with Head Crop.