Hello everyone and welcome to my 182nd analysis, this time featuring Roxen.
Roxen has great Base Strength and Life, in addition to a wonderful trait. Not only that, but he also has access to massive amounts of AOE and single target damage, in addition to Fire attacks which is unresisted in Metal Wars. However, Roxen's Speed leaves much to be desired, and he faces a lot of competition from General Holter, who is more easily accessible, is faster and has better AOE damage.

-Cripple Cans
-Can Detonation
-Dum Dum Bullets
-Combustion Cans/Metal Judgment
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Cripple Cans applies both Magnetize and "Oil Grease" to all enemies: Oil Grease is basically Sticky Lava (which is basically Fire Weakness) but the difference in names means they'll stack. Can Detonation is a Base 75 attack with the Fire element, and considering Roxen's Base Strength, this'll most likely kill anything that doesn't resist it or has Life runes. Dum Dum Bullets has the golden 45 Base Power, and can kill entire teams when combined with Cripple Cans. The last slot goes to either Combustion Cans for a more AOE favored moveset and a Burn which'll help against Igursus, or Metal Judgment for another nuke move which helps vs. all Llum forms and Taiga. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage.

Teammates: Demise and Samael can remedy Roxen's Speed issues and allow him to one-shot with Dum Dum Bullets. Other Magnetize monsters such as Annihilator R2 can help Roxen by removing the need to use Cripple Cans before Dum Dum Bullets.

Countering Roxen: Since he has Hardened, Roxen isn't immune to any deny method, and most monsters are faster than him so go for that. Scarr the Outcast is of the Magic element and is in Evil Legions, and can one shot with Vagrant Ownage at higher levels.