Hello everyone.

With the version 5.8 we will introduce a change on how the Possession status works in the game.

At the moment AI monsters affected by Possession would cast a random skill against its allies, making this status very strong against AI.
But human monsters suffering Possession were able to choose freely which skill to cast, so they could "avoid" the Possession by casting recharge Stamina or harmless skills. This doesn't seem something a real possessed Monster would do!

With the change that we are going to introduce, the behavior of human monsters affected by Possession will be exactly the same as the AI monsters. This means that they will choose the skill and target randomly (check below for more details about target selection).
This will make monsters that use Possession more valuable when using them on PvP and Team Wars defense, and may grant an additional value to the monsters that are Immune to Possession.

Below some detailed explanations about the target and skill selection:

  • Possessed Monster will choose randomly one of the available options
    -If a skill is not available (cooldown or not enough stamina) skill won't be taken into account for the random pick
    -If in the possessed turn, Special skill is available, the skill will be taken into account in the random pick

Normally, a possessed monster will choose between any attack + recharge (1 of 5 available options)

  • The random skill will target the "opposite" target
    -If originally the skill targets enemies, it will hit allies. If target allies, it will hit enemies.
    -If a skill target the caster, the target won't change (will work normally)