Hello everyone and welcome to my 183rd analysis, this time featuring Nexor.
Nexor has 3465 Base Speed, an AOE Stun, and the Hardened trait. These traits all make Nexor a decent deny monster, plus he has other interesting effects such as an AOE Daze and a 100% Damage Reduction. Unfortunately, being in the Evil Legions is definitely not something for an average denier(since the book is basically OP Squad at this point), and in Family Alex Bone and Galante are faster, though the rarity of Stun immunity works in Nexor's favor.

-Paralysing Shockwaves
-Dazing Shockwaves
-Jolt Spear
-Stunning Shockwaves/Dazing Spear
Runes: 3 Speed

Paralysing Shockwaves is your trusty AOE Stun. Dazing Shockwaves applies Daze to all enemies, which hampers all types of monsters. Jolt Spear applies 100% Damage Reduction to the target, which can help vs. all Warthak forms and General Darmith. Lastly, Stunning Shockwaves can be used for an AOE Damage Reduction to soften up attackers even more, or Dazing Spear can be picked instead to have a 0 CD attack that can somewhat hurt. 3 Speed is obvious for a denier.

Teammates: A denier is key in any team, though in Nexor's case(and most Sun deniers' case actually)your other team members should preferably be above average to compensate for Nexor's lack of "oomph". This is probably the cheesiest "Teammates" section I've ever written, but it's my honest thoughts because Nexor is very, VERY average when compared to the rest of OP Squad and Families books despite his Speed tier and Hardened trait.

Countering Nexor: Being immune to Stun renders him much weaker. Debuff removal can be useful to get rid of his AOE Daze. Alternatively, just grab your Jasastur or any Llum form and plow through Nexor's mediocreness.