Hello everyone and welcome to my 184th analysis, this time featuring Ihtiander.
Ihtiander is a denier that's definitely above average. His Speed, 3476 at level 100, is above the average 3465 of deniers and outspeeds some key threats such as Cavenfish and Hydratila the Icebringer. His trait is super useful in the Sea book, and effective in Good Legions and Dragon as well. In addition to this, his Life at 29k is pretty solid for any monster. Unfortunately, Ihtiander's AOEs deal no damage at all and his Base Strength is lacking.

-Chilling Vision
-Dazzling Premonition
-Insight To The Future
-Thrilling Memories/Frosty Insight
Runes: 3 Speed

Chilling Vision Freezes all enemies whereas Dazzling Premonition Stuns all enemies, and access to both of these status effects is pretty darn powerful, as seen by Cavenfish in the past. ITTF deals nice single target damage and Blinds all enemies, which is useful against other deniers. The last slot depends entirely on whether you wan another Stun or Freeze on your arsenal. 3 Speed is the obvious choice for any denier.

Teammates: A denier is necessary on any team, though synergy-wise, an AOE Daze, combined with ITTF will act sort of like a Mega Stun since enemies won't be able to land their attacks most of the time, but watch out for debuff removers.

Countering Ihtiander: Hydratila the Boltcaster is in both Sea and Good Legions, and can make his team immune to Freeze while Freezing the enemy team at the same time, which makes taking advantage of the deny turn more challenging. Likewise, Crissandre outspeeds Ihtiander and can Stun him. Monsters with Mountain, like Mountezuma, are immune to 3 of Ihtiander's moves' status effects, which makes them good choices.