Hello everyone and welcome to my 186th analysis, this time featuring Scryb.
To say the least, Scryb is a different monster. He has an unorthodox moveset consisting of Immunities and extra turns along with Possessions. Despite the fact that I like weird movesets, Scryb is devastated by his terrible Strength and Speed, which prevent him from accomplishing much especially since so many deniers in both books he's in outspeed him and Spirits has Samael and Llum in it, who have raised expectations pretty high. If pitted against Possession deniers, however, Scryb can be a scary opponent thanks to his Possession immunity and his extra turn move.

-Coercive Persuasion
-Group Therapy
Runes: 3 Speed

Coercive Persuasion is an extremely effective single target Possession that also gives Scryb an extra turn, which is amazing. Group Therapy makes your team immune to Dark attacks and Possession, which can be very useful vs. things like Will "Razor Face", Harusami and Ra'Zhul. Pareidolia is a single target Possession: with this and Coercive Persuasion, you can Possess 2 monsters in a single turn, making Scryb a pseudo denier. Lastly, Resilience is used to be able to boost an ally's damage, with 0 CD. 3 Speed makes him as fast as possible and allows him to rid his team of Possession with Group Therapy thanks to his own immunity to the status from the start.

Teammates: You should preferably pick an attacker with Scryb, as Resilience is a powerful tool when used with one. I haven't tested this yet, but Group Therapy may be able to block all Dark damage, including Ra'Zhul's Soul Offering.

Countering Scryb: Being faster than him is a piece of cake, and many deniers such as Tempest, Llum the Magical Matriach, Harusami and Will "Razor Face" are able to deny him before he does anything. You can also just ignore him as Scryb hurts less than a feather. Removing buffs renders Group Therapy useless.