Hello everyone and welcome to my 187th analysis, this time featuring Lau Lau.
Lau Lau is extremely fast, and believe me when I say this thing hits ridiculously hard. Two Base 75 moves are no joke, especially when one of them is unresisted. She also has access to an AOE Blind, which is helpful against all the monsters she outspeeds. However, Lau Lau is still not immune to any deny method, and she can be easily denied by any monster with 3 Speed since she herself will be running at least 1 Strength almost all the time.

-Flashing Scrapes
-Don't Stop Kenzo!
-Blinding Wind
-Dazing Wind
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/1 Strength 2 Speed

Flashing Scrapes has a massive 75 Base Power and it removes all debuffs on Lau Lau. Don't Stop Kenzo also has a 75 Base Power, and it applies Bleeding should the target survive. Blinding Wind has low Base Power, but a guaranteed Blind effect whereas Dazing Wind has a higher 40 Base Power, but 50% Daze. 2 Strength 1 Speed ensures that anything hit by one of her Base 75 moves will die whereas 1 Strength can be dropped in exchange for another Speed at higher Rune levels and ranks (at least until when she can still one-shot with 1 Strength rune alone).

Teammates: Light Weakness makes her AOEs and Don't Stop Kenzo! hit very hard.

Countering Lau Lau: Most attackers will be unable to outspeed and kill Lau Lau, so deniers are where you should be directing your eyes at. Baba Yaga is especially deadly since she can make Lau Lau direct her nukes at her own teammates.