Hello everyone and welcome to my 188th analysis, this time featuring Shannara's Bodyguard.
Shannara's Bodyguard is quite an effective tank, with 38k Life and a Base 3377 Speed which is very impressive for a tank. He is also very capable of dishing out great damage, and his trait is capable of countering Llum the Magical Matriarch and Tempest. Another thing to point out is his special, which is capable of turning games around in an instant thanks to Triple Damage+extra turn. However, the upcoming changes to Possession makes his Self move unable to counter the status effect, which a lot of monsters in the Spirits book such as Baba Yaga, Noctum and Glitch use.

-Mystic Shield Form
-Great Anagram Stun
-Great Astral Cancel
-Arcane Great Wash
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life

Mystic Shield Form gives this Bodyguard Taunt+100% Shield, which is key in tanking single target hits. Great Anagram Stun has the golden 45 Base Power and a 50% chance to Stun. Great Astral Cancel smacks any target hard and removes all buffs from all enemies, which is very useful vs. Llum. Lastly, Arcane Great Wash removes all debuffs from all allies and gives them a 50% Shield, which is useful in general and to rid him of annoying status such as Bleeding and Burn. 1 Strength, Speed and Life gives him Strength to use his high powered moves with, and Life to tank with.

Teammates: Monsters who can give him Double Life also increase the potency of his Shields, making him extremely tanky. Despite his Shields, you might want a healer as Shields can be removes by other status effects.

Countering Shannara's Bodyguard: Despite being a good answer to her, Llum can still counter this monster with ease as she has tons of buff removal. Baba Yaga also has buff removal and Possession. Metal/Light Samael is another good answer, with Pain Scourge and Bleed/Sunburn.