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Halloween is just around the corner! Scared yet? Well maybe the 3 NEW Legendary Dragons will be able to keep you safe!

  • DATES: 12 days event, starting on October 21 until the 1st of November.
  • DRAGONS: 3 brand new Legendary Dragons to be claimed and many more!


How do you get a chance to win these dragons I hear you ask?

You will need to complete 5 different steps.

Steps Overview

  • Breeding combination -> claim your Martian Dragon.
  • Fight in a special Tournament -> claim your Reaper Dragon.
  • Collect 10 decorations -> get your Super Flame Dragon
  • Watch Video trailers/purchase -> get your Evil Pumpkin Dragon.
  • Final Breeding Event: Breed these Dragons (special breeding Combinations!) and claim the 3 brand new Legendary
  • Dragons: SpiderKnight, Conjurer and Pigheaded Dragon!


Breeding Combinations: To claim your Martian Dragon!

  • Umbrella (Shadow Island) + Ace (Shadow Island) = Martian Dragon (32h)
  • Umbrella (Shadow Island) + Viktor ‘Joker’ = Martian (32h)
    *Ace (Shadow Island) + Viktor ‘Joker’ = Martian (32h)


Be victorious in the 1st tournament to claim your required Reaper Dragon!

  • Tournament 1: 21st - 27th October
  • Requirement: Iceling Dragon (Shadow Island).
  • Reward: Reaper Dragon + Food, Gold and Gems.


You need to collect 10 Decorations in order to claim the Super Flame Dragon! You can collect these by:

  • Battling your way through two more Tournaments to claim a total of 8 decorations and infamous dragons!
  • Dragon Card Packs
  • Watch Video Trailers
  • Purchase them in our Decorations collection

Tournament 1: to collect your 3 decorations: 21st - 24th October

  • Requirements: Rockstar Dragon
  • Reward: Aqualung Dragon + 3 Decorations + Food, Gold and Gems.

Tournament 2: to collect your 5 x decorations: 24th - 27th October

  • Requirements: Goblin Dragon
  • Rewards: Choleric Dragon + 5 Decorations + Food, Gold and Gems.


You will need to Watch selected Video trailers or purchase to get your Evil Pumpkin Dragon! (It will be on offer too!)


Try the following breeding combinations and claim your 3 NEW Legendary Dragons!

Breeding Combinations:

  • Martian (Step 1) + Reaper (Step 2) = SpiderKnight Dragon (24h) (NEW!)

  • Martian (Step 1) + Viktor ‘Joker’ = SpiderKnight (24h)

  • Reaper (Step 2) + Viktor ‘Joker’ = SpiderKnight (24h)

  • Super Flame (Step 3) + Evil Pumpkin (Step 4) = Conjurer Dragon (24h) (NEW!)

  • Super Flame (Step 3) + Viktoria ‘Joker’ = Conjurer (24h)

  • Viktoria ‘Joker’ + Evil Pumpkin Dragon (Step 4) = Conjurer (24h)

  • SpiderKnight Dragon + Conjurer Dragon = Pigheaded Dragon!(48h) (NEW!)

0_1508496635784__Halloween Information Teaser.png

Claim a unique and exclusive decoration: Halloween Event Decoration!


Dates: 30th October until 2nd November.
Tournament VIP: Get the VIP Beholder Dragon and make your way through its own Temporary Tournament.

Defeat all enemies and get the following rewards:

  • Franky Dragon
  • Food + Gold + Gems
  • the exclusive Halloween Dragon Event Decoration, only available through this event!

That’s all for now, Dragon Masters. 🙂

We really hope you all find this information useful and helps to understand and have a better overview on the Halloween Event! Stay tuned and…

See you back on the islands!