Hello everyone and welcome to my discussion on the Nemesis Nadiel and his 3 different forms.

Overview: Nadiel is not gamebreaking like Llum and especially Samael, which is a good thing in my opinion because those types of monsters reduce the fun everyone has, and everything should have some weak spot. Having said that, Nadiel is definitely far from being a pushover, combining the Tough trait with an immunity to Freeze, Burn and Ignite, which arms him extremely well against the Dragon book. Nadiel is the first monster to have Guard Down, a debuff which ensures the target getting hit by any attack made against it no matter what the accuracy modifiers, and an AOE 100% Damage Reduction which is extremely valuable against the attacker-filled Dragon book. Flooder is able to use AOE Freeze whereas Pyromancer can use AOE Burn+Ignite, which has shown its power with Lucifire before. Deforestator is, unfortunately, utterly outclassed by the other two forms since they have access to a Nature AOE that's more powerful than any Nature move it has.
Comparison between Flooder and Pyromancer: Like Llum, this is an argument of denier vs. attacker. Both monsters have access to AOE Guard Down and AOE 100% Damage Reduction, but what sets them apart is the AOE Freeze vs.AOE Burn+Ignite(I'm not mentioning negate healings since the debuff is rater irrelevant, despite the presence of Goran). AOE Freeze is a rather straightforward plus since deniers are a key part of any team plus Dragon is a more Fire-based book whereas this attack is Water based. Another thing to note is Flooder's 3476 Base Speed, which outspeeds Lucifire, General Darmith and Mountezuma while tying with Kihaku and Ihtiander, and all of these monsters are top picks in the Dragon book. Pyromancer, on the other hand, is a weaker choice in the Dragons book due to the presence of Fire types and Lucifire, who is way too similar to him. Still, the power of Ignite+Burn is something to be feared, as the move that utilizes it already has a good Base Power, and the debuffs give him an edge over the likes of Ouros and Igursus, whom other attackers might find it difficult to break down.

Conclusion: In my opinion, Nadiel is how Nemeses should have always been: excellent performance but not overpowered. As for Flooder vs. Pyromancer, that depends entirely on what you want Nadiel to do, and one form isn't necessarily stronger than the other. I'm not entirely sure whether or not I'll buy him, but if I did buy a form it'd be Flooder because I already have Lucifire.