Hello everyone and welcome to my 192nd analysis, this time featuring Nadiel the Pyromancer.
Overview: Pyromancer is in a whole different league from his two other forms. Firstly, most of this form's power is available from the get-go, and the upgrades he'll be getting will be ones that just raise damage numbers. Nadiel's great trait is present on Pyromancer too, keeping him safe from a number of important debuffs and giving him a wall against other debuffs. Pyromancer uses powerful Tortures like Burn and Ignite to boost his damage output, and has Reverse Healing which is very significant since not only do Nature monsters tend to use healing effects, but this debuff also affects the omnipresent healing Relics like the Healing Mask. These all make Pyromancer a good attacker, but compared to some of the best contenders like Ugluk and Nitroblaster, Pyromancer is unfortunately not nearly as strong as them.

Monsters that have access to Group 4 skills will have a slightly different build path. I will list the most viable builds for each Rank since some moves in Group 4 are pivotal to some sets' success. The monster's role will likely remain the same, however, so this won't be exhaustingly long as I won't repeat the same things.

Rank 0:
-Individual Ecosystem/Endangered Ecosystem
-Nature Pact
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Staves and Masks

Build Explanation:
Buninyong is a Base 40 Fire AOE that Ignites all enemies and applies Reverse Healing to them, spreading large amounts of damage overall. Huascaran is a single target version of this move with 50 Base Power and 0 CD, making it spammable and very useful versus CD Activation. Individual Ecosystem has the highest Base Power of Pyromancer's moves and it greatly hinders Dodge Area attackers. Alternatively, Endangered Ecosystem can be used here to have an AOE debuff removal just in case you need it or the enemy team applies a lot of debuffs. Lastly, Nature Pact is an emergency shutdown of direct damage coming from the enemy.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard for attackers.

Rank 1: Pyromancer learns "Protect Ecosystem" at this level, a Base 40 unresisted AOE that gives all enemies Total Damage Reduction.
This is a damage dealing version of Nature Pact that will be run over said move, so it warrants no mention.

Rank 2: Pyromancer learns "Pack Nature Pact" at this level, a Base 40 Nature AOE that gives all enemies Guard Down.
This AOE is not needed when you already have Buninyong and Protect Ecosystem.

Rank 3: Pyromancer learns "Chimborazo" at this level, a Base 45 Fire AOE that applies Burning, Ignite and Reverse Healing to all enemies.
-Individual Ecosystem/Endangered Ecosystem
-Protect Ecosystem
Runes and Mutant Rune options are the same as given above.

Build Explanation:
Chimborazo is an upgraded Buninyong with 5 more Base Power and a Burn added to it. Normally, this is an upgrade that I wouldn't mention because it doesn't change the playstyle, but seeing as I presented no movesets at Ranks 1 or 2, I thought I would present a final moveset at least.

Teammate options: Pyromancer is a great addition to Torture teams thanks to Reverse Healing, Burn and Ignite. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Nadiel the Pyromancer: His Base Strength is unimpressive for an attacker and the real threat is the Tortures he applies with his attacks, so debuff removal or Torture Immunity should keep you safe from him. For Counter options, check out this article.