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Hello Dragon Master!

All Dragons, from time to time, need an extra little bit of love and care.

In order to improve your battles and get the best from your Dragons, we have made some strength balance changes.


To ensure your battles are fun, more logical and fair. Also, we needed to adjust a few dragons for an exciting new feature coming soon…. Shuuuussssh... don't tell anyone! 😉

Which Dragons?!

1.- Some dragons have been made WEAKER because they were kicked out of the training center.

Thus, they will a have lower life & lower attack power.

List of Dragons: 28!

0_1508939759928_Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 15.55.06.png

2.- The other dragons have become even STRONGER, they must have excelled in the training center.

Thus, they will have a higher life & higher attack power.

List of dragons: 91!

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That’s all, for now, Dragon Masters. 🙂

Stay tuned and… see you back on the islands!